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Weather conditions often vary widely—and sometimes wildly—from place to place, and hour to hour, in the San Francisco Bay Area and adjacent waters. The Bay Area is a land of micro-climates. It can easily be 75 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny in one area of San Francisco, while it is foggy and mid-fifties a few hills to the west, and over 100 degrees 10 miles inland. Weather on the water is even more varied, and it can all change in a matter of minutes. Consequently, we pay close attention to local and marine reports and forecasts, as it is important to us to give you the best experience in a safe and fun environment.


Don't forget to call us after 7pm the evening before your scheduled departure for a trip update.

San Francisco, California, weather forecast
NOAA Weather Buoy 46026  
Located 18 nautical miles west of San Francisco, we use this buoy to check weather & sea conditions in the Gulf of the Farallones.  

SF Bay Whale Watching - Weather Forecast for the Gulf of the Farallones, NOAA Weather Buoy 46026


Part of the National Data Buoy system, this station transmits hourly observations:

  • wind speed, directions
  • wind gusts
  • barometric pressure
  • air temperature
  • sea service temperature
  • wave height and period

If you click here, or on the image itself, you, too, can investigate the weather in the area of the Pacific we visit on our whale watching trips.

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