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The Marine Mammal Center - located in Sausalito, California


Sunday, January 27, 2013: Gulf of The Farallones + Coastal Expedition

Get outside the Gate! Join us for a day of adventure in the Gulf of the Farallones, an oceanic wilderness on San Francisco's doorstep. On this all-day expedition, we will travel through waters shared by a rich diversity of marine and bird life, including the several species of whales that are our prime objectives. Depending upon the season, migration patterns, and, of course, our luck, we may see Humpbacks, Gray Whales, Orcas--even, now and again, the magnificent Blue Whale, Earth's largest living animal. On many of these trips, we are able to cruise near the Farallon Islands themselves, the famous "Devil's Teeth," where numerous seabirds nest and breed, and innumerable other avian species visit. We also often observe marine mammals other than whales, including seals, sea lions, and various dolphin species. When rough seas make travel far into the gulf inadvisable, we may have the option of cruising the calmer waters along the coast north of the Golden Gate, near the majestic hills and cliffs of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the Point Reyes National Seashore. During migrations, the waters just off Point Reyes are among the most likely locations to observe Gray Whales on their long seasonal journeys. We can't predict the weather, or the behavior of our marine friends, but we can confidently predict that a day on the Pacific with us will be an adventure you'll remember for a lifetime. Please join us!


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