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We at SF Bay Whale Watching are dedicated to the conservation of our oceans and all of the marine life that inhabits them.

Where are the Whales? In order to better understand the whales, dolphins and porpoises that live off of our coastline, we need to have a better understanding of where they live, and their behaviour in their natural environment. On our trips, we use a GPS to record exactly where the animals are and we can record notes about their behaviour at those sites. We also record the track the vessel takes on each trip. Pairing these two sets of data allows us to not only identify where the animals are, but also where they are not.

We are also going to be using the new Spotter app developed and managed by NOAA. This app records cetacean sightings in real-time, and provides NOAA with current information about the location of various species around our coastline. NOAA can use this information to better understand individual species and to aid in their conservation.

The Spotter app will be publicly available on the iTunes store soon. You too can help conserve local marine wildlife!

Plastic Pollution 90% of the pollution on the surface of the ocean is plastic. Every square mile of the ocean contains 46,000 pieces of plastic. An estimated 100,000 marine mammals and one million sea birds are killed each year due to accidental plastic ingestion or entanglement. Whenever possible, we will go out of our way to collect plastic debris we find in the water.

Collaborations At SF Bay Whale Watching, we fully appreciate the difficulties of conducting research at sea. We are using our time on the water to help local organizations and researchers collect data. If you think your research project or organization could benefit from data we can collect on the Kitty Kat, please contact our biologist, Carla, at info@sfbaywhalewatching.com.


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